Best 20 Digital Marketing Blogs you Should Start Following Today

Best 20 Digital Marketing Blogs you Should Start Following Today

The only way to keep up is to keep on reading. But read what? With so many digital marketing blogs out there, it can be hard to distinguish which are useful to read and the less helpful ones.

Best 20 Digital Marketing Blogs

Here are some of the quality internet marketing blogs that are original, compelling, reliable, and valuable for digital marketers. You can bookmark these digital marketing blogs 2017 to keep yourself updated with what’s happening around.

#1. Marketing Land: Digital Marketing News & Views

If you are keen on knowing new things about the digital marketing industry then Marketing Land is one of the best digital marketing blogs. It features daily breaking news stories about all aspects of the online marketing industry.

You will find practical digital marketing strategies and tips to try on your own digital marketing campaigns. This website also features specialist articles written by subject matter experts.

Why read Marketing Land Blog?

digital marketing blogs marketing land

Marketing Land – Digital Marketing Blog

It keeps its audience up to date with important upcoming launches and digital marketing announcements. It helps you to stay ahead of the competition.

#2. Digital Vidya Blog: Spectrum of Digital Marketing

Having its dominance in Digital Marketing industry, Digital Vidya’s Blog is amongst the top internet marketing blogs as mentioned by Search Engine Journal. They cover a range of spectrum Digital Marketing industry.

It is a Digital Marketing training company across Asia, Digital Vidya serves as a unique platform for all the budding digital marketers who wish to leverage the opportunity to enhance the career prospects.

Why read Digital Vidya Blog?

digital marketing blog - digital vidya

Digital Vidya – Digital Marketing blog

You will find big brands case studies, latest digital marketing news, information about online marketing events and sessions.

#3. The Moz Blog: Search Engine Marketing

If you wish to know anything and everything about SEO then you must follow Moz Blog. They are packed with useful blog posts on every element of your SEO practice and strategy.

You will find internet marketing blogs about technical issues like overcoming duplicate content issues to communication strategies like relationship building. The Moz Blog will help you keep track and develop an understanding of mechanics behind the SEO updates.

Why read Moz Blog?

Digital Marketing blog Moz

Moz Digital Marketing Blog

The best thing about Moz Blog is step-by-step how to guides to learn and start doing something new in search.

#4. Kissmetrics: Digital Marketing Stats & Studies

Kissmetrics specializes in testing, marketing, and analytics. Their blogs reflect specialist knowledge. Also, they bring to you a host of beautifully created infographics that contain the latest digital marketing tests, studies, and statistics.

You will also see useful digital marketing guides that cater to areas like customer analytics, social media, and email marketing.

Why read Kissmetrics Blog?

digital marketing blog kissmetrics

Kissmetrics Digital Marketing Blog

You can conduct research for your own articles and select useful statistics to use for campaign proposals.

#5. The Search Engine Journal:

Started its journey in 2003, Search Engine Journal is unique in its community-based approach to search marketing content. The articles are written by real online marketing experts who give real-time advices to its audience.

You will find important news, trends, personalities, and strategies in the industry.

Why read Search Engine Journal Blog? 

They make it simpler for the interactive marketing community to collaborate and innovate.

 digital marketing blog SEJ Search Engine Land

SEJ digital marketing blog

#6. Social Media Examiner: Social Media

This blog will give you everything you need for your social media strategy. You can find advice for social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, Snapchat, and more.

Browsing and following this digital marketing blog will help you formulate an effective social media strategy for different channels. The articles and posts include case studies, podcasts, review of the latest industry research, and expert interviews along with latest social media updates & news.

Why read Social Media Examiner Blog?

Digital Marketing Blog Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner Blog

You will find good case study and strategy blog posts helpful for creating your own content and social media strategy.

#7. Econsultancy: Innovative and Latest Digital Marketing

This is one of the top digital marketing blogs 2017 that covers all the aspects of internet marketing and even more specific niche industries. They offer practical advices for marketers along with innovative trends.

Doesn’t matter if you are B2C or B2B or work in healthcare or fashion industry, Econsultancy has everything you need to apply to reach your organizational objectives.

Why read Econsultancy Blog?

Digital Marketing Blog econsultancy

Econsultancy Digital Marketing Blog

You will find innovative and latest digital marketing advises.

#8. Convince & Convert: Innovative Digital Marketing Strategies

This internet marketing blog offers a variety of resources including e-books, books, podcast, blog, and website. Influencers like Jay Baer lead the digital marketing advisors making it one of the best digital marketing blogs!

Each of the articles is precise and simple that get to the point of what they are discussing while still remaining informative and insightful.

Why read Convince & Convert Blog?

Digital Marketing Blog Convince & Convert

Convince & Convert blog

The blog posts on Convince & Convert will let you think outside of the box with regard to what opportunities you could be incorporating into your own digital marketing strategies. You can create your own unique and relevant content with the help of their content.

#9. Content Marketing Institute: Content Marketing

This is one of the best marketing blogs where you can find original content marketing research like trends, budgets, and content marketing industry’s benchmarks.

There are articles about blogging best practices, storytelling, and content strategy. Content Marketing Institute blog will keep you updated with the latest content marketing events.

Why read Content Marketing Institute Blog?

digital marketing blog content marketing institute

content marketing institute blog

If you follow this blog, you will be able to craft and implement an effective and measurable content marketing strategy of your own.

#10. AFAQS!: Trending Campaigns & Stats

One of the digital marketing blogs where you will find all things related to marketing and advertisements in the digital space. You will find articles related to industry’s experts, guest articles by eminent speakers and influencers from across the globe, online trending campaigns, and social media statistics in the digital world.

Why read AFAQS! Blog? 

Digital Marketing Blog Afaqs

Afaqs Blog

Being a one stop solution to your digital marketing problems, Afaqs help you with the why and how of the industry.

#11. Buffer:

This is one of the most popular blogs on digital marketing as the content is topical, useful, and fascinating. With Buffer blog, you can know the best ways to drive traffic and increase fan engagement.

Why read Buffer Blog? 

buffer digital marketing blog

Buffer blog

This is THE blog for real-time strategies. You will know the life hacks, how to measure and enhance productivity, user experience, and customer satisfaction!

#12. MarketingProfs:

There are numerous articles under different categories. The topics and authors make this marketing blog. Individual marketers and organizations across the world rely on Marketing profs for reliable information.

They offer real-world education for modern marketers through research, best practices, and other content.

Why read MarketingProfs Blog?

You will find real-time solutions to your social media, email marketing, and marketing strategy.

Marketing profs Digital Marketing blog

Marketing profs blog

#13. Copyblogger: Craft Content Marketing Strategy

Interactive, precise, and original blogs at one place! This is one of the best digital marketing blogs if you wish to build your content marketing strategy.

This is a must follow blog where you will find to the point information.

Why read Copyblogger Blog?

Copyblogger Digital Marketing Blog

Copyblogger Blog

You will not only get information about what is content marketing but you will be able to craft one for yourself.

#14. PSFK: Trends & Predictions

This is one of the best digital marketing blogs where you will find all the information for gadget and tech coverage to marketing campaign insight and analysis. The quality they offer is ahead of the game.

They pose questions and topics that are interesting to engage their readers. They provide interesting technology-focused articles and some predictions for the industry.

Why read PSFK Blog?



They are visually appealing. You can see downloadable trend reports that discuss ‘future’ of a number of different industry-related topics.

#15. PR Daily News: Content and Tech Information

PR Daily News combines industry-related news with other top stories of the Digital Marketing industry. It keeps all the information that are required to stay on top and ahead of the competition.

It contains communication and PR topics and conversations by highlighting trends, tools, and techniques to make your job easier.

Why read PR Daily News Blog?

PR daily news digital marketing blog

PR daily news blog

You can fetch good readings on content marketing and tech information. PR Daily News makes their content easy and enjoyable to consume a variety of topics at once and they are not repetitive!

#16. LinkedIn Pulse: Personalized News Updates & Articles

LinkedIn Pulse has fresh voices and new talent. You will find latest industry news, trending news at companies similar to yours, and what your colleagues are reading.

Why read LinkedIn Blog?


LinkedIn Pulse blog

With LinkedIn Pulse, you will get timely news personalized for you.

#17. Social Beat: Digital Marketing Strategies for Entrepreneurs

Social Beat blogs cater to a variety of industries and are mainly focused towards entrepreneurs who wish to establish themselves in Digital Marketing industry.

If you are an entrepreneur or a businessman, the blogs will help you understand how different strategies can help them grow their business online. You will see this blog popping everywhere in the list of the top digital marketing blogs India. It has reliable, precise, and relevant information for its audiences.

Why read Social Beat Blog?

Social beat digital marketing blog

Social Beat Blog

The blogs are enriched with goal-oriented strategies and quality insights.

#18. Digitaldeepak: Become a Digital Marketer

Complex concepts written in simplistic words. This is one of the best digital marketing blogs I have ever come across! From how to guides to expert interviews, this is a one-stop solution for all your digital marketing problems.

Why read Digitaldeepak?

digitaldeepak digital marketing blog

digitaldeepak blog

You will know the why and how of different digital marketing aspects. You must follow this blog if you are interested in becoming a digital marketer.

#19. Digital Marketing Institute: Spectrum of Digital Marketing

One clean and precise Digital Marketing blog that will update you with what’s working in the digital marketing industry right now, social media strategies, trends and predictions, guides, and every possible thing.

Why read Digital Marketing Institute Blog?

Digital Marketing Institute digital marketing blog

Digital Marketing Institute Blog

You will see the real effects of Digital Marketing and how you can cope up with them.

#20. Social Media Today: Digital Marketing Strategies

Social Media Today is a powerhouse aggregator site that has content written specifically for it.

You will see a lot of interesting concepts and it is a very good source of fresh voices. There are a lot of infographics, videos, and webinars to help you digest complex information.

Why read Social Media Today Blog?

social media today_blog

social media today blog

Social Media Today blog will help you with latest updates and how you can tap these opportunities for the best strategy.


This fascinating list above will help you have enough knowledge about Digital Marketing industry. Is there any good blog we have missed?

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